blacknoisemodular Smart Panel 2-32HP

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blacknoisemodular Smart Panel - 2-32HP (** picture is just an example)

Blank panels are maybe not the most appealing "module" but they are useful and can save you lot of money. They prevent any objects to get inside your case or in contact with you power bus where they could create shorts and damage your modules.

So yeah blank panel are useful but they have some flaws. Rack are evolving, you add module, you remove other, you rearrange it but blank stay the same. you cannot shrink or expand them at will... Well until Smart Blank.

The Smart Blank panel are divided into 4HP tabs which can easily be separated from the panel. This allows you to reduce the size of the panel according to your needs. In addition, each tab is designed as an individual blank which allows them to be reused when you need it.

Are you more black faceplate, aluminum one or maybe both? Don't worry with is stealth black frontplate and it's raw aluminium finish on back Smart Blank will always got you cover.

You like to design your own DIY modules? Smart Blank is the perfect solution for making custom faceplates. You can easily cut it to the desired width and it is very easy to drill holes in it to install jacks, potentiometers and more.