blacknoisemodular PIPE

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blacknoisemodular PIPE solves the headache and or hassle of connecting multiple case or rows together, like before a gig or in studio.

PIPE is also a great solution to avoid cables spaghetti mess accros you rack by bypassing 8 audio or CV, inputs or outputs, cables thru a single ethernet cable RJ45 Connector.
PIPE can also be used as 3 sections passive multiples.
Best of all PIPE is fully passive and does not require power.

Pipe modules are sold as pairs.

Regarding Ethernet cable
Shielded Straight-Thru RJ45 cables are recommended.
Using un-shielded or Crossover cable won't damage your modules but you may experience noise and or mixed channels.
Due to its passive nature it is also recommend to avoid long ethernet cables.


Panel Width
4HP (per module)

Module Depth
20mm (skiff friendly)

Power Consumption
PIPE if fully passive it do no require power