blacknoisemodular DUAL MULTI

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blacknoisemodular DUAL MULTI is a dual buffered multiple.

It can be configured as 1 input 6 outputs 1:6 or 2 inputs and 3 outputs each 1:3.
Input 2 is normaled to input 1, if nothing is plug into input 2 you will have 6 copy of input 1 else you will have 3 copies of input 1 and 3 copies of input 2.

Buffered multiples have advantages over passive multiples. Since passive multiples split the signal, in case of voltage-critical signals such as V/Oct to VCO, the pitch will vary from one output to the other. With buffered multiples each output will be a perfect copy of the input. Because buffered mults isolate their outputs from the input, any faults or shorts present at the input will not pass through to a connected module.


Panel Width

Module Depth
20mm (skiff friendly)

Power Consumption
+12V : 11mA
-12V : 11mA
+5V : 0mA