Beast-Tek Double Dragon 1.5

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Double Dragon

Der Beast-Tek Double Dragon ist ein komplexes LFO für heftigen Punch. Der zweite LFO kann vom ersten LFO mithilfe eines von sieben verschiedenen Algorithmen verdreht, verzogen, zerstört und moduliert werden und erzeugt so die wildesten Modulationen.

OPTION A = Full Kit

OPTION B = Expander Full Kit

Double Dragon

Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fatal punch! The second LFO can be twisted, warped, destroyed and modulated by the first LFO using one of seven different algorithms to produce modulations more wild than a spinning round house kick to the face!

The amount of algorithm based modulation can be blended from zero all the way to full depth using the MOD control and CV input. Each algorithm has a parameter to tweak the modulation, again with full CV control.

The glowing "Dragon Eye" provides visual feedback of the selected mode at all times.

Double Dragon has 3 different frequency or "speed" ranges accessible by the press of the encoder - allowing Double Dragon to go all the way from prehistoric times with a cycle rate of approx. 2.5 hours for one cycle to drone territory and beyond at 1.28 khz.

If this wasn't enough functionality already, configuration jumpers on the back allow each of the two LFOs to be switched from bipolar LFO mode to RAMP mode to generate unipolar ramp signals. From "ramp down" through "triangle" all the way to "ramp up" to control a VCA or modulate using an positive-only envelope. Two additional jumpers allow the RESET input to be repurposed to 1-Shot mode (one complete Wave or Ramp cycle per trigger input) or hang mode (output is held or "paused" while the input is high) providing maximum flexibility.

Want to put your modulation on hold during a fill, quite section or certain measure? - just switch the Dragon into hang mode and all your problems are solved.

Placing LFO 1 into both RAMP and 1-Shot mode in combination with a VCA module allows Double Dragon to become a drum voice - with LFO 1 providing the envelope and LFO 2 providing the audio signal. Even in RAMP mode, LFO 1 still modulates LFO 2 so the envelope produced by LFO 1 can still modulate LFO.

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DD - Double Dragon Expander!

​Because removing modules from a case just to change configuration jumpers often feels like a flying dagger in the eye socket, an optional 2HP expander named DD is available to bring all of the additional functionality to the front panel!