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The OMSynth is a circuit development and performance interface designed to help you quickly build audiovisual instruments from scratch and experiment with them live. While it keeps beginners in mind, it's best suited for those with some circuit building experience.

What the OMSynth is and what it is not

The OMSynth is a super useful circuit development tool that we have used as teachers and circuit developers to make our job more comfortable and fun. All the circuit development done by Peter Edwards at Bastl was possible thanks to the OMSynth, from early sketches to finished instruments like the bitRanger and the softPop.

The OMSynth IS NOT a beginners' electronics course. We have provided tutorial videos and parts kits (see below) for workshops to help beginners get into experimental circuit design quickly and ease them into more complex, often un-intuitive electronics principles. With that said, it will be absolutely necessary for beginner users to do additional research on their own.

Rather than giving ALL the answers upfront, the OMSynth is our way of equipping people with a powerful tool and a big boost of encouragement as they embark on the long strange audio circuit design journey. We welcome emails from those eager to move forward or simply want to share discoveries and excitement. Feel free to email pete[at]casperelectronics[dot]com.


  • Battery (included) or 9V wall wart power options (not included)
  • Regulated 5V and unregulated power sockets
  • over-current protection fuse (200mA) protects circuit from shorts or improperly installed ICs
  • 3 channel audio mixer with individually weighted inputs (x1, x1 and x10)
  • Amplified speaker with volume control
  • Dual mono headphone output
  • 2 stereo I/O jacks for connecting to external circuits, modular synths, etc
  • Tri-color LED with discrete channel drivers
  • Light sensor for light based variation of circuit parameters
  • The light sensor is installed facing the LED making it a basic vactrol (voltage to resistance converter)
  • 3 touch sensors (the OMS logo) for touch based manipulation of circuit parameters
  • 5 modular 100k potentiometers (protected by 1k buffer)
  • 1 modular pushbutton and integrated on/off switch
  • 2 full size breadboards
  • Laser engraved base plate with a carrying handle
  • Expansion section for adding control boards or custom circuits

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