Bastl Knit Rider Expander

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Knit Rider Expander

Erweiterungsmodul für den Bastl Knit Rider Sequenzer.

Es funktioniert nur mit dem separat erhältlichen Knit Rider Eurorack Modul

(nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).

* * *

The Knit Rider expander adds clock OUT and reset IN / OUT connections to the Knit Rider sequencer. It doesn’t work without Knit Rider Eurorack module.

Clock Out outputs a pulse each time a step on the Knit Rider changes (1 step = 4 substeps). It also has an indicator LED.

The Reset socket acts as an output or input, depending on whether the Knit Rider is master or slave. In master mode, the reset outputs a pulse each time you press the start stop button. In slave mode, it acts as an input. When it detects a pulse, the sequencer goes to its first step (it will play the first step with the first incoming clock pulse).

An additional feature of this expander is a 3-way passive multiple with clock inverter. The lower 3 connectors are simple passive multiples.

The uppermost connector outputs an inverted version of the signal in the passive multiple. The inversion is done with a 2.5V threshold (0V or lower becomes 5V and 5V and higher becomes 0V).