AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer

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The AI022 Harmonic CP3 Style Mixer teaches old waveforms new tricks.

As gain increases, harmonics, warmth, and distortion are added.

Product Details

The AI022 Harmonic CP3 Style Mixer is a discreet mixer using no ICs. As gain increases harmonics and analog warmth are added. As gain increases more, distortion and phasing is added, creating new waveforms from old ones.

The AI022 takes inspiration from the legendary Moog Modular CP3 style mixer, but updates it for eurorack and allows for user customization of the circuit. Many Moog Modular users attribute the CP3 mixer module to providing much of the warmth of the Moog Modular sound.

An exposed Bias knob allows abuse of the circuit, and allows for faithful replication of incoming audio, or radical analog wave shaping and distortion. It is also possible to use the Bias knob to adjust a +/- 5V signal into a 0/+ or 0/- signal.

Kits Include all parts needed to build, power, and mount the AI022 Harmonic CP3 Style Mixer Eurorack Module:

Hi Quality Panel
Mounting Screws
Jacks and Nuts
Power cable

Depth 22mm

HP 6

-V mA 9

+V mA 9

The Manual is located here.

Here is the Build Guide for the Harmonic CP3 Style Mixer.