AI Synthesis AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer

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The AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer is a four in, 4 out Eurorack Matrix Mixer. The mixer is buffered and DC coupled, so that it can be used to mix both Audio and CV signals to multiple outputs, or at the combined output. Run fx back into themselves. Feedback an oscillators waveform into it’s PWM. Create interesting sequences by distributing CV.

Product Details

The AI008 Matrix Mixer is an active, Four In, Three Out matrix Mixer with a summed output. The AI008 can be used to route any of the inputs to any of the outputs. This allows for the creation of feedback patches and other interesting routing, in addition to powerful "regular" signal routing. Common uses include mixing effects outputs into their inputs in order to create drones (or just good old fashioned feedback), mixing oscillators into their own PWM or FM inputs, modulating voltage controlled LFOs and other modulators into themselves, and other feedback patches. The AI008 Matrix mixes is a powerful way to expand any system !

HP 10

-V mA 17

+V mA 17

Depth 35mm

The manual is here.

The DIY Matrix Mixer build guide is here.