AI Synthesis AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator

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The AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator is an easy to build looping ADSR module.

Product Details

The AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator is a looping ADSR Envelope Generator. It can be manually triggered via Momentary Push Button, Gated via the Gate Signal, Triggered or re-triggered by a Trigger input, or set into a loop mode via a toggle switch. An LED shows the status of the output.

This Looping ADSR Envelope Generator DIY Kit circuit was derived (with permission) from the great and simple circuit (only 2 ICs!) from Nicolas on the forums. With some help from the great Dave Brown, the circuit was updated to provide additional voltage protection, more uniform looping and gate behavior, more precise LED monitoring, and some nice user experience updates.

In Gate or Trigger mode, the envelope can be used as a traditional ADSR envelope generator. In loop mode, the output sends a variable exponential waveshape between Ramp, Triangle, and Sawtooth LFO with control over the attack and decay of the LFO shape.

The modes are dependent on whether or not the gate jack is inserted, and for triggers, the Sustain level - see the chart below. We will be releasing a more traditional ADSR with "normal" gating functions shortly (but with twice the part count and no AD loop).

Minimum Gate/Trigger Signal: 2V

Attack Time: 20ms - 14 seconds
Decay Time: 10ms - 20 seconds
Release Time: 100ms - 7 seconds
Max Voltage (when run off +/- 12V): 7.5V

All jacks, knobs, and other components are soldered directly to the PCB. There is no wiring, making this kit ideal for those who know how to solder, but are still starting out in their DIY Synthesis journey.

We recommend this kit as the third module you build. It is easy, has only two ICs, and can be built in a single sitting. If it works, you are ready to build other modules.

The Eurorack Kit Contains everything you need to build your first DIY Analog Synth Module:

  • High Quality 3.5 mm Jacks
  • A PCB
  • A Eurorack Panel
  • High quality Alpha Potentiometers
  • All components required to build the AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator.

Weight.75 lbs

-V mA 14

+V mA 15

HP 8

Depth 36mm

The build guide is located here.

The manual is located here.